Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Autoliker

What is an AutoLiker?

A AutoLiker is an unofficial Facebook application that will help you increase likes on your Facebook Status.

Who will like my post?

Your post will be liked by other Facebook users who also use our AutoLiking system.

Why do I only get a few likes?

Facebook changed their api(token) rule. If a token has been used too much for liking a post, it'll become useless, our database will remove it automatically. Thus, if you only get few likes that's because our database is empty or has a limited token. Please try again in few hours!

How To Use Our AutLiking/AutoCommenting System.

Who Are The People Behind This

Who are you sir?

I'm a kind guy. that is nineteen years old. My daily activity is 30% studying and the other 70% I spend surfing this virtual world. I study in a well-known college in Semarang City, Indonesia. Welcoming you all to my project!

Why Did You Create This Website?

That's because I can.

How can I support your project?

I'll be very thankful if you click on all of the ads. That's all~

How can I talk to you?

Add me on Facebook.